Year 1

  • Begin to validate the IPC maps for Somalia.  Data is available to do this from FSNAU and other sources.  This will allow a better appreciation of how they can be most effectively used.
  • Create prototypes and mock-ups of potential systems to view Somalia specific climate data.
  • Create example climate 'normal' baselines for selected livelihood zones and road-test with Concern Worldwide staff.
  • Start to assess how different climate statistics at different scales influence Concern Worldwide's forecast based finance tool.
  • Explore whether there is new information that the Concern Worldwide field staff could be collecting to support the process.
  • Build a community of practice with the climate experts already working in Somalia

Year 2

  • Continue to gather expert feedback, support and buy-in.
  • Turn the mock-ups of climate viewer systems into reality.
  • Incorporate feedback and expand the climate 'normal' baselines - potentially linking them with the climate viewer system.
  • Continue to pull climate information into Concern Worldwide's forecast based finance tools.
  • Start to pull all the threads into a larger framework.

Year 3

  • Continue to incorporate feedback and improve the products as needed.