Each factor below is likely to be considered for each part of the triangle.

Ability to reach a district

Access, conditioned on time to get to a district if it is determined that it is safe to travel to the district

  • Based on infrastructure, road conditions
  • Cost of access, in terms of staff time, fuel, storage, etc
  • Availability of primary and secondary support staff
  • Is a car/truck suitable for access? or is a plane or helicopter needed?

Security threats

Access, conditioned on security and conflict

  • Are the districts in a area currently controlled by a non-government groups (in this case, Al-Shabob)
  • To travel to the district, do you need to travel through a conflict zone
  • How much would the needed security cost to make this trip?

Current projets & infra-structure

Existence of current project

  • Are there projects in the district that is addressing a similar or the same issue?
  • How long will these projects continue? It is important to know if these projects continue in the next few months - during the potential impacts on the populations

Existence of current infrastructure

  • Are there existing water catchments (burkhads) in the districts?
  • Are there other water storage apparatus in the districts?
  • Is the status of these known?

Community perceptions of trust and need

  • Are the populations in these districts open to receiving aid?
  • If these communities were reach previously, what was their response?

Community wishes

Socio-economic factors

  • Is this an area of a minority group? This could mean that they have less access to capital and safety nets than other groups.
  • How many people in a district have connection to diaspora funding?



  • Are nearby districts areas where people are being displaced from? Is there a potential that a certain district may need to support these displaced people?
  • Have people in a district recently retuned home from being displaced? What is the last date of displacement? Maybe groups that are recently returned (2 years?) are more vulnerable

Recent history

  • How have the last 3-4 seasons performed? It takes a few good seasons to bounce back. Even if the last season was ok, maybe the situation has not improved and some people are more fragile