GIEWS country level analysis

The Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (GIEWS) continuously monitors food supply and demand and other key indicators for assessing the overall food security situation in all countries of the world. It issues regular analytical and objective reports on prevailing conditions and provides early warnings of impending food crises at country or regional level. At the request of national authorities, GIEWS supports countries in gathering evidence for policy decisions, or planning by development partners, through its Crop and Food Security Assessment Missions (CFSAMs), fielded jointly with WFP. In country-level application of tools for earth observation and price monitoring, GIEWS also strengthens national capacities in managing food security related information.

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The FAO Country analyses cover several variables

Including rainfall from NOAA RFE2, Vegetative health and a guess about the crop season and crop stress (based on a water balance model).   It's useful to 'zoom out' on your browser to see more plots on one screen. The country level maps and graphs depict the latest 36-month period of the seasonal, vegetation and precipitation indicators. The data is presented by dekad (10 day) and month

If you click on the rainfall analysis, you'll see a series of plots, one for each dekad.  To see the legend, click on the top right.  If you click any individual plot then you will see more details.