The current situation

Iā€™m constantly seeing drought notes out of Puteland, but because some of the climate portals cut Puteland off their analyses and because the south has bigger needs, its easy for them to get left out

There are lots of climate portals out there - see the map here.

But none of them allow a one-stop-shop for Concern Worldwide or other NGOs that work in the region.  None of them allow a user to quickly view all the custom statistics needed by Concern, especially in their wider context. Even the more powerful data tools don't allow Concern to easily view everything in one place.

There are major challenges in Somalia.  The conflict and harsh climate means that there is often little validation data and decisions need to be made quickly.  But the underlying climate data that is available appears to capture Somalia's climate skillfully.

The challenge is outputting it in a way that would allow Concern WW to effectively use it for decision making.